Metro Says Final Four Set Ridership Records

Metro says it set or came close to records for riders using the light-rail corridor during the Final Four, with about 148,000 boardings during the event.

The night of the championship game saw 51,851 boardings, making it the heaviest Monday in seven years of operation. The previous best was 51,724 for a 2009 Texans-Titans Monday Night Football game. (The 2011 number may yet increase a little.)

The Saturday of the Final Four had 41,104 boardings, topped only (in terms of a Saturday) by the 55,212 that rode the day before the Super Bowl.

The agency said the two days represented the highest Saturday/Monday combined totals ever, which we guess is a category.

"As one of the ambassadors along the system assisting riders, I was very proud of the METRO employees and the service we all provided," said George Greanias, president and CEO of METRO, said in the release. "I was also delighted to see the great interaction between Houstonians and out-of-town visitors. This was a great event for Houston."

Metro ran trains every six minutes at peak times and provided buses that rode down the mostly Main Street corridor.

The ridership figures include only those taking the light rail, not the extra buses that handled overflow, spokeswoman Carolina Mendoza tells Hair Balls. Bus ridership figures are not in yet.

She's also checking to see if there are exact Final Four numbers instead of the round-number estimates.

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Richard Connelly
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