Metro Wuvs Us, This We Know / For This Cookie Tells Us So

When we looked askance last week at Metro's plans to declare its undying Valentine's Day love for its passengers, little did we know how darkly, bitterly cynical they were.

THE NEW METRO !!!!!! (pat. pending), instead of sending tedious e-mails purporting to rebut line-by-line our premise, sent....a cookie. The bastards!!!!

"We wuv you, from all of us at Metro," it reads.

Before our hearts melted, we wondered if every reporter had gotten one of these, and how many taxpayer dollars THE NEW METRO!!!!! was spending on its bribery scheme.

Spokeswoman Margaret O'Brien Molina filled us in as to whether we were uniquely blessed or just one of many reporters to receive this VD gift: "You are unique and wuvved! We took up a collection to get you served and it was not on the NEW METRO dime ! XOXO," she e-mailed.

Oh, we've been served.

By the way, if you're on the East Side Friday morning, all the cool kids will be at the CVS at 4516 Harrisburg.


A historic ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate just-installed Harrisburg Boulevard amenities including new sidewalks, and tree plantings as well as coming improvements like light rail, bike trails, and street lamps which will improve the quality of life for countless Houstonians residing in or simply visiting the area.

Sounds like fun -- New Metro fun!!!!

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.