Metro's Shredding Like It's Trying Out For Megadeth

It seems the "snow" that folks saw this week was not really snow ... in fact it most likely was small bits of paper that had been shredded and was dumped from the top floor of the Metro headquarters. Check out the incriminating video:

In a lawsuit filed against Metro, on what seems like the eleventh hour, former City Controller Llyod Kelley (1996-1998) asked for a TRO ... legal speak for a Temporary Retraining Order.

Paragraph 12 has all the juicy details when it states: "Upon information and belief, the Defendants [Metro] are destroying, have destroyed and will continue to destroy the documents requested by Mr. Kelley in his TPIA."

(Check out the relevant court filings here.)

The records requested under the Texas Public Information Act are a concoction of emails, travel records and anything under the sun that Frank Wilson (President and CEO), Joanne Wright (Chief of Staff), Sallye Perrin, David Couch (Managing Director), Todd Mason (Vice President of Real Estate Services) and David Wolf (Board of Directors Chairman) may have touched or been near of since 2006.

Wilson admitted that a Metro lawyer shredded some documents on Monday.

Coincidentally, two lawyers were fired by Metro this week as well. The first is the lawyer that admitted to shredding the documents and the second was Metro's Chief Counsel, Pauline Higgins. Higgins has retained Rusty Hardin as her counsel to represent her for the termination.

Rusty Hardin is no stranger to shady things going down with paper and shredders. He represented Arthur Anderson after the Enron debacle in 2001.

When one looks at the request by Kelley ... it seems that something happened in the last four years that he is trying to uncover. So far he is specifying information transferred between Wright and Wilson about Parsons or Perrin, communication between Wright and Wilson, Wright's benefits, Wilson and Terrence Fountaine, Wright and Wilson's travel record, communication between Wilson and Mason, contracts with Mason, employment hiring related to Couch, communication between Wilson and Couch about hiring and documentation for Wright's compensation and benefits in the last two years.

The only missing to complete this scandal is Tom Delay or a semen stained blue dress. To be continued.

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David Ortez