Mexico Military Invasion Bravely Repulsed, We Guess

Ronald Reagan famously warned America that unless the Contras won in Nicaragua, the U.S. would face a growing threat of a Communist invasion from Mexico.

That ominous scenario has now played out. We can only suggest you stock up on bottled water, ammunition and begin to learn Spanish.

The Drudge Report is featuring a story from Valley station KRGV, which we're sure has never experienced such web traffic. The station is reporting on "a Mexican military incursion" into the United States of America.

Or, you know, it could have been a traffic stop gone awry.

The station breathlessly relays the news of an Army truck with uniformed soldiers crossing the international bridge in Mission.

It was a terrifying scene that could have been taken right from the chilling documentary Red Dawn.

The invading horde claimed yards and yards of American soil for their power-hungry leaders...until they saw the customs booth. At which point they did a quick U-turn and slunk back home.

If those brave men and women staffing that booth don't get a Congressional Medal of Honor, there is no justice in this world.

We can only assume the Pentagon has gone to at least DEFCON 2, but with that traitorous Muslim in the White House, who knows? Like we say, it's probably better to just arm yourselves.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.