Miami, Meet Blue Bell Ice Cream

Miami, Meet Blue Bell Ice Cream

Another day, another territory conquered by the little creamery in Brenham.

In stories that echo the hyperventilation that accompanied every opening of a Krispy Kreme here (and what ever happened to them?), media in Florida are breathlessly counting down the days until Blue Bell ice cream hits Miami and environs.

"The Blue Bells are coming," reports the Palm Beach Post. "Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream debuts in supermarkets in Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties Monday. That's sweet news to aficionados -- some say die-hard fanatics -- of the concoction. When the brand comes to a new area, fans have been known to follow Blue Bell trucks delivering ice cream to the grocery store."

Blue Bell is now available in 18 states and is the third-largest selling ice cream in the country.

No word on whether that insipid jingle follows the ice cream into every market, but one can only hope to Christ it doesn't.

In honor of its entrance into Miami, Blue Bell seems intent on destroying the taste buds of its new customers: "To mark its entry into the market here," the Post reports, "the company is introducing Tropical Paradise, coconut ice cream blended with crushed pineapple, roasted macadamia nuts and a pineapple coconut sauce swirl."

Yikes. That's a long way from cookies-and-cream.

-- Richard Connelly

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