Micah Ashley Alford: Stripper Mom of the Year Candidate

We have a new candidate for the prestigious People Who Should Not Reproduce award: Micah Ashley Alford, a 26-year-old League City who just wants to rub guy's crotches with her butt, without being bothered by all those damn babies she keeps pumping out.

Her latest baby has been the subject of a five-day search by authorities, who finally found it safe with a couple of women taking care of it.

This is how much Alford loves to perform (degrading acts for drunk yahoos): She was back on the pole five days after giving birth.

Which is where cops found her, at the no-doubt accurately named Ritz Cabaret, on the glamorous Gulf Freeway. She told them she did not know where the baby was.

Police were interested in talking to her because they had heard she had a baby and also because she was on probation and had failed a drug test....when she was five months pregnant.

More Mom of the Year evidence?

She has three other kids, all of which have been taken away from her.

Can someone get this woman a box of condoms?

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