Michael Berry: 5 Places Worse Than A Gay Bar That He Could Have Been Seen At

As much of the nation knows by now, Michael Berry attended a drag show in Montrose and allegedly got involved in a hit-and-run.

Berry is a minor-league version of Rush and Hannity, ranting on the radio with truthiness to disparage anything that isn't Tea Party Republican.

A Montrose gay bar is probably not the place most of his listening audience expected him to be.

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But there are worse places he could be seen. Such as:

5. A Sheila Jackson Lee fundraiser With his checkbook or debit card ready and willing.

4. The Society for Reasonable Discussion of Political Issues In other words, a gathering of Commie-Muslim-loving traitors.

3. A Chevy Volt dealership If it ain't an SUV or pick-up, it ain't American.

2. A symposium of respected scientists and Nobel winners examining climate change Not unless there are at least three crackpots on the panel.

1. A mosque Because if you so much as set foot in a mosque, everyone knows you begin actively and surreptitiously pushing for sharia law to supplant the Constitution.

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