Michael Berry, Houston's Least-Likely Howard Stern Wanna-Be

Anyone fortunate to be listening to "The Michael Berry" on KTRH 740 AM this past Friday night got to hear about an hour's worth of girl talk. No, Berry didn't change formats and start expressing his feminine side underneath his good ol' boy former city council member tandoori-chomping image.

What we got to hear was a good hour of debate over who Berry and his callers thought were the most "smoking" female reporters in the television news game.

Berry seemed to be salivating over the airwaves, using adjectives like the aforementioned "smoking", "knock-out", and the ever-popular "hottie." Anyone tuning in would think that Howard Stern and company had returned to terrestrial radio.

Of course, Dominique Sachse was high on everyone's list. She's like the Marilyn Monroe of Houston news, natch. The other local names included were the recently axed Wendy Corona from Sachse's KPRC Channel 2 news team.  We didn't hear any on-air speculation about the downstairs grooming habits of our local beloved female newscasters, sadly.

As of late, Berry has been some what of a wildcard. Veering from Maxim-magazine topics like this and espousing the pleasures of raising his adopted son, he seems unhinged. As if he's vying for the shock-jock spot on a station devoid of any real interesting on-air personalities, save for the syndicated George Noory and his cavalcade batshit loonballs overnight.

Most shows lately have been made of torrid and fearful rants from suburbanites driving home voicing their fear over an Obama-led nation. Some days you hear middle-age women bitching about rap music, especially this past week on the topic of the Huntzville, the Huntsville rap trio that Chris Gray first profiled for the Rocks Off blog.

If he's aiming to be axed by an uptight FCC storm trooper, then he's on the right track. What's next? Rockets cheerleaders riding Sybians on-air while Yao Ming throws lunch meat at Jennifer Reyna's bikini-clad bottom?

E-mails to be Berry had yet to been returned as of this posting. Maybe he's trying to scope out babes at the University of Houston broadcasting school.

-- Craig Hlavaty

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.