Michael Berry talks, kind of.
Michael Berry talks, kind of.

Michael Berry Responds (a Little) to Hit & Run Gay-Bar Allegations, Bashes Gay-Bashers

Michael Berry is not doing any interviews on his hit-and-run allegations, but today he talked about it on his radio show, to some degree.

"It is time I speak on an issue of some importance, at least to me...I'm going to do that right now, at least on the issues I feel are of the most important in this story," he said.

He said KPRC got its information "from unnamed sources," which isn't exactly true. (He called the station "SOBs," too.)

He said the "gay bar" aspects were highlighted to feed a "conservatives hate gays" theme in media.

"I don't bash gays," he said. "In fact, I bash people who bash gays," citing Karl Rove.

"GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT, YOU STUPID FOOLS," he shouted to "gay activists." "YOU WANT PEOPLE TO HATE YOU. I have never hated gay people; in fact, I've gone the exact opposite direction."

"I don't have to bash gays to prove I'm not one," he said.

Imitating a questioner, he said ""Michael, why would you go into a gay bar?"

He answered himself "I didn't. I went into a bar. There were gay people inside. Why did I go into a bar? Let me confess: `Cause there was cold beer waiting inside....Would it have been better if I was at a strip club?"

He said he went into T.C's Showbar because he didn't want to be bothered and the bar was a place where no one knew his name.

Here's an hour's worth of it:


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