Michael Berry Settles Case, He Hopes

Days after going on the offensive by bashing gay-bashers, KTRH talkshow host and former city councilman Michael Berry has made a move to settle the hit-and-run incident outside a Montrose gay bar.

Berry, through his attorney, mailed a $2,000 check to the owner of the hit car, TC's Showbar bouncer Tuderia Bennett, and Bennett tells KPRC he will ask that no charges be pressed.

The DA's office, of course, could still decide to go ahead with a case if it wants to. An investigation is ongoing.

A letter from attorney Dick DeGuerin accompanying the check says, "I wanted to make you aware that from the very beginning of HPD's investigation, Mr. Berry made it known to HPD that if they were of the opinion that he caused damage to your car, Mr. Berry wanted to make it right with you."

Berry was at TC's on drag-show night January 31; security-cam footage shows him having a beer.

He left before midnight. Police reports indicate his vehicle backed up 70 feet and struck Bennett's car, then took off.

HPD's initial investigation was criticized for being desultory, and renewed efforts were undertaken in the wake of a KPRC report in the incident.

Berry at first refused to comment at all about the matter, and has only talked on his show about it, not to reporters. He said he didn't go to a gay bar, he "went into a bar. There were gay people inside.

He did not discuss the traffic incident, but called the news report a "smear job."

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