Michael Berry's Dead Osama Pep Rally

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Photos by John Nova Lomax
Wheels fit for a celebration.
Early yesterday, Michael Berry, the former Boy Wonder of Houston politics turned radio rabble-rouser, sent out a press release plugging a "Houston Celebration: Osama Bin Laden Dead." The event would be later that day at Hefley's, a Texalicious bar/BBQ joint in what used to be Freedmen's Town. The event would be starting at four and Berry would be gracing us with his presence at 5:30, the release said, and he wanted it known that this was to be a NON-PARTISAN event. (Caps his.)

He then closed his communiqué with a slam at Sheila Jackson Lee. So much for the nonpartisanship, but bless his heart, that's just a reflex for him. As Hunter S. Thompson trained his dog to attack on hearing the word "Nixon," as Chief Inspector Dreyfus would degenerate into a cold-sweating bundle of tics and spasms at the mere mention of Inspector Clouseau, so it goes with Michael Berry and Sheila Jackson Lee. Berry seems unable to go 500 words without nipping at her expensively, if not tastefully, shoed heels.

Turns out that dead Osama pep rally was a much more subdued affair than we thought it would be. In fact, it was so subdued that the perpetually irascible KTRH grouser showed up over an hour and a half after he said he would, which was about an hour after most of the media, including Hair Balls, had already lost interest.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves. We had to be there. This was history.

And we went expecting to see vengeful, drunken mobs like the ones we saw pictured in New York and Washington overnight Sunday. What we found instead was a slightly militarized happy hour with deafening AM radio providing the audio.

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John Nova Lomax
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