Michael Berry's "God Bless Arizona" Tour Mocks Texas Heroes

Michael Berry's "God Bless Arizona" tour, a/k/a The Pale Riders, is back from the Arizona-supporting Fourth of July tour.

About 200 KTRH listeners went to the state to "buycott" (i.e., spend money) in support of its new immigration law.

Who knew that they would be savagely insulted by the very rightwing activists they had traveled to embrace?

The shocking photo evidence is after the jump.

If you're a Texan, your blood should be boiling at this point. Yes, as hard as it may be to believe, someone has chosen to brazenly mock our fair state by portraying the Texas flag UPSIDE DOWN.

You don't think this is serious? Better not bring that Yankee attitude to the Society for the Preservation of the Proper Display of the Texas Flag.

Remember: The blood of the patriots who stole Texas from Mexico won Texas' freedom was spilled on the sacred ground of the Lone Star State, therefore the red should be on the bottom of the flag.

Why do you hate Texas, and by extension America, Michael Berry?

"That was a person from AZ, I'm told. They didn't know, it's not their state's flag," he Tells Hair Balls.

And if some hemp-ridden Code Pink hippie did it, we're sure you'd be as forgiving.

Any Texan who knowingly posed with that debacle of their state's flag should be forced to do weekend stints patrolling the Rio Grande, keeping out the tidal wave of Central Americans that President Obama is letting in to this country to steal jobs.

"Uh, that's PUNISHMENT?" Berry replied by e-mail. "That's a responsibility."

No figures were available for the number of illegal job-stealing immigrants rounded up by Berry's posse on the trip, possibly because everyone was so busy pissing on the memory of the Alamo.

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