Michael Brown: Feds Accuse Former Hand Surgeon of Choking Flight Attendants, Threatening to Show His Wang (UPDATED)

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Update: Harris County Family Court Judge Sheri Dean issued a bench warrant for Brown's arrest Thursday after he failed to appear at a hearing over his divorce from estranged wife Rachel Brown. But hey, maybe the judge should've just chalked it up to jetlag.

We're sure that, by now, everyone's heard the latest hijinks our favorite cocaine enthusiast and alleged anal-herpes-giver Michael "Daddy's Baby Girl" Brown has gotten himself into: Dude has busted his federal-charges cherry by allegedly choking flight attendants and threatening to get buck nekkid on a flight from London to Miami January 2.

Our favorite part? That's when Brown, according to a federal air marshal's affidavit, told authorities he was a "touchy feely" person. And how!

Here's more from the affidavit:

Approximately one hour after departure, Brown, who had been seated in seat 4K, entered the aircraft's forward galley and demanded his meal and wine. Flight attendant "T.A.T" and flight attendant "G.F." escorted Brown back to his seat.

While Brown was seated, he was approached by another flight attendant, "V.E.," who advised Brown she would serve him shortly. At that point, Brown grabbed "V.E." on the left forearm and pulled her toward him. "V.E." attempted to pull away from Brown but was not strong enough.

Brown then began making rude sexual comments directed at "V.E." After Brown released "V.E.," "V.E." reported Brown's conduct to the cabin service director, who in turn notified the flight captain. "V.E." then returned to serve Brown his meal. Brown stood up, spilling the meal on his headphones and lap area. He then left his seat and grabbed "V.E." around the neck with both hands and began to squeeze. As Brown squeezed "V.E."'s neck, he asked her if she was a strong woman. "V.E." responded that she was not, and asked Brown to release her.

Upon noticing the incident, flight attendant "T.A.T" left the galley to assist "V.E." Brown released "V.E." and grabbed [both flight attendants] around the neck area, using each of his forearms. Brown told [the attendants] that he was going to get naked in front of the passengers and then began making rude sexual comments about what he was going to do to them....After the flight crew calmed Brown down, Brown returned to his seat and slept for most of the remainder of the flight.


Under the terms of Brown's $250,000 bond, he can be authorized to fly (non-commercial) for business or litigation purposes, or to visit his children in Houston. He also must submit to a mental health and/or treatment program.

Two people signed his surety, identifying themselves as "friend-employee." One, Jeff Geiger, is listed as an officer in one of Brown's myriad companies, Estasi Photoart Publishing. We haven't been able to clearly identify the other person yet. We've also got calls into Brown's attorneys.

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