Michael Brown: He Was Quietly Released from Jail Last Week

It was truly a Good Friday for ex-hand surgeon Michael "She Had a Nice Ass, and I Was Hard" Brown, who was released from Harris County Jail March 28 after serving about 20 days of his 180-day sentence.

Although Harris County Family Court Judge Sheri Dean denied Brown's request for an early release March 25 (based in part of the ex-doc's claim that he contracted e. coli However, Dean said she would not oppose an early release if attorneys for both Brown and his estranged wife reconciled hundreds of thousands of dollars in back attorneys' fees. A court worker confirmed for Hair Balls this morning that Brown was released, but could not provide more information. (A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff's Office also stated Brown had been released "by the order of the court" March 28.)

We weren't able to reach Rachel Brown's attorneys this morning for further explanation, and Michael Brown's lawyer never talks to us, which, like, totally hurts our feelings and stuff.

We're just glad that Brown was able to celebrate Easter with....well, we're not sure who with. Certainly not any of the children from his current or previous marriage. Maybe a young stripper?

God, it's great to be filthy rich, ain't it?

Be sure to heck out our ongoing Michael Brown coverage.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.