Michael Goodner: Man Killed by 70-Year-Old Montrose Neighbor Knew All About Violent Montrose Neighbors

Houston police say no charges have been filed in the shooting death of Michael Goodner, 38, Friday evening.

Goodner was shot in the chest by a 70-year-old man in the 1300 block of Pierce, but HPD says it will confer with the District Attorney's office about a criminal case.

"Mr. Goodner and the elderly male got into an altercation in which Goodner assaulted the older male," police said. "The male told investigators that knowing the violent history of Goodner, and fearing for his life, he pulled a gun and fatally shot Goodner."

Oddly enough, it's not the first time Goodner made the news in connection with violent Montrose disputes.

In 2008 we wrote about a Montrose man who had long feared his neighbor and was eventually killed by him.

In "A Montrose Man's Panic Room Wasn't Enough," Randall Patterson described the tense relationship between Whitt Bruney and neighbor David Earl Brown, who was known to threaten people with guns.

Brown eventually shot and killed Bruney. Goodner played a role in the story:

The 57-year-old man who lives there, David Earl Brown, would not speak for the purposes of this story, but no matter. His neighbors remember him well. Michael Goodner, the young artist who occupies the upper left apartment now, recalls waking in the middle of the night about a year ago to find floodlights blazing into his room and a large industrial vacuum cleaner, placed against the fence, running at high volume. Looking down, he saw Brown pacing the property next door with a pistol in his hand. "If I can't sleep," said Brown, "no one sleeps!"

Goodner chose, in that moment, to attend to his neighbor's needs. Brown, it seemed, was a light sleeper, very sensitive to noise, and though Goodner never heard the noises that disturbed Brown, he began asking his fellow renters to be considerate of the neighbor and keep it down. He urged them especially to be quiet in the hour after 11:30 a.m., when he learned Brown enjoyed a nap. Such was Goodner's solicitude that every few days he even inquired whether the neighbor found everything to his satisfaction, and certainly his neighbor did, and brought Goodner, on his birthday, a key lime pie and a bottle of wine.

Goodner learned only the barest details about Brown -- that he was retired from something or other, that he lived with his boyfriend next door and shared, with Goodner, a passion for firearms.

KTRK quoted Goodner after the 2008 shooting. "'What was so bad that you needed to resort to that? It just didn't make sense,' said eyewitness Michael Goodner."

Brown was allowed to live in his apartment pending trial.

Learning this, [Eric] Mees and another resident of 1320 [Pierce], an elderly invalid, moved out after the killing. A fourth renter in the four-plex, another artist, stayed where he was along with Goodner, who had decided that Brown was perhaps not such a good friend after all. Determined not to let the rain wash away what Brown had done, Goodner painted in the chalk outline of Bruney's body on the driveway. He was seen marching around West Pierce Avenue in full camouflage, toting his deer rifle, and was also heard shouting at Brown whenever the neighbor rolled out his trash.

Court records show Goodner had an active warrant for bond forfeiture from a recent DWI. He also had an assault conviction about ten years ago.

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