Michael Harris: Here Are the Sexts He Allegedly Sent 14-Year-Old He Met in Church

Michael Sherard Harris, 20, has been charged with sexting a girl he knew to be 14 years old whom he had met at church, which is the go-to place for finding kids to send sexually explicit messages to.

Instead of, you know, listening to the actual sermon, which we're guessing doesn't include "And God said let there be online solicitation of minors."

The girl's father discovered the texts and contacted his ex-wife, the girl's mom. She called cops.

According to court documents, the girl "confirmed the text messages were sexually explicit in nature and stated that sometimes she didn't even know what they meant."

Let's check them out.

Examples included in the court documents:

-- "I wanna get in the shower with you...put my hands everywhere the water goes"

-- "Id put my hands on your lower back and kiss you"

-- "I'd make out with you"

-- "I wish you could see how big it is"

-- "Well, when you kiss my shoulder I slide my game inside your pajama pants"

-- "That's when I put my game on your inner thigh"

-- "I'll kiss you between your legs"

-- "Can I lick you"

-- "I wish I was running my mouth all over your body right now"

It all sounds kinda PG-rated, until you remember this is a 20-year-old messaging someone who can't even drive yet. Then the creepiness factor goes through the roof.

Harris has been charged with online solicitation of a minor.

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