Michael Joseph Snowden: Sexually Assaults 6-Year-Old Boy In Library Bathroom, Cops Say

Here's one to make every parent shudder -- a six-year-old boy went into a bathroom stall at the Freed-Montrose Library to change clothes; while he was in there a convicted sex offender went in and sexually assaulted him.

Michael Joseph Snowden, 21, is a registered sex offender after his 2005 conviction for assaulting a one-year-old boy; since then, Harris County records show, he's been convicted of prostitution and twice for failure to register as a sex offender.

Records are skimpy on his latest arrest, but KTRK reports that Snowden is accused of entering the bathroom stall at the library while the boy was changing and then assaulting him.

The library is located at 4100 Montrose. Snowden was expected to appear in court sometime today.

As for the prostitution charges, documents indicate that in March of this year Snowden agreed to give a blow job for a fee. Or, as the quaint language of the Texas law puts it, "knowingly AGREE TO ENGAGE in sexual conduct, namely, deviate sexual intercourse, to-wit ORAL SEX, with B. HALL, for a fee."

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