Michael Oshay Hudson: Day-Care Owner Charged with Molesting 7-Year-Old Boy

Police have charged a day-care owner with molesting a seven-year-old boy four years ago.

Michael Oshay Hudson, 39, was the owner of Shoelaces Learning Center in Sunnyside when the alleged attack occurred.

The boy made an outcry to his mother at the time of the incident, but she told police she was in a frantic financial situation and doesn't remember hearing anything. It wasn't until the boy's big brother came home from college on a visit this year and asked how things were going that he told anyone else.

Court documents say the boy told investigators Hudson had kept him inside when the other kids were outside as a punishment, and then took him to a closed room.

Here's how the court documents describe what the boy told investigators:

The complainant stated that the defendant made him pull his pants and underwear down and the defendant touched the complainant's "middle part" (male sexual organ) with the defendant's hand. The complainant said the defendant then exopsed the defendant's "middle part" and the defendant. touched the complainant's "middle part" with the "middle part" of the defendant.

An anatomically correct doll was given to the boy and he pointed to its penis when asked to show what the "middle part" meant.

Hudson faces charges of indecency with a child.

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