Michael Williams Is Running For Something Or Other

Running for....something
​If you've seen these signs around the Heights and were wondering who is Michael Williams and what is he running for, you're not alone.

So far, we at Hair Balls have figured out the first of these two questions.

The Michael Williams putting up campaign signs is better known as Dr. Michael P. Williams, a Baptist pastor and current chairman of the Houston Community College board of trustees. (Why he's dropped the "P" is unclear; it's like seeing a movie billed with Michael Fox and then getting Michael J. Fox.)

Other than the fact that the signs allude to the 2011 elections, when the heated 2010 season is still months from completion, the curious thing about Williams' signs and his website is that neither mention what office the man is seeking.

What Williams does have are big blue posters that state "Paid For By Michael Williams Campaign Account," and a treasurer, Christopher Lopez. Williams' website has a real-time running countdown to November 1, 2011, a biography, a media center (which promotes his weekly radio show on KCOH-AM 1430), and a voter registration link. But again, no mention of what he might be running for.

Hair Balls called Houston City Secretary Anna Russell, who said Williams has not filed for any office. Same goes for the elections folks at Harris County. In addition, neither Williams nor Lopez is listed has having filed any campaign finance reports, according to the Texas Ethics Commission.

Hair Balls left messages for Williams at HCC and at his church, Joy Baptist Tabernacle, but have not heard back yet.

That Williams is not telling us what he may be running for certainly doesn't mean anything is wrong. Perhaps Williams is just putting his name out there (minus the "P."), letting us know he's getting ready ... for something.

We're sure he'll tell us when he's good and ready. After all, according to his own second-to-second countdown, he's got plenty of time until November 2011.

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