Mick Jagger's Brother Tells British Readers About His Recent Visit To The Balinese Room, Somehow

Has British tabloid the Daily Mail become the Daily Fail? It sure seemed like it when Hair Balls came across a Texas travelogue by Chris Jagger.

Jagger, the brother of Mick, gathered little moss as he rolled around the Lone Star State last month. (The story is listed as "last updated" on April 28, 2009.) He palled around with legendary 94-year-old blues piano-man Pinetop Perkins in Austin, tracked down a stray steer in the brush on a Bandera dude ranch, and promenaded along the River Walk and took in the Alamo in old San Antone.

And then Jagger headed to Galveston, where his account takes a turn for the surreal.  

"The one watering hole I got to --the Bali Room [sic] - is where the Margarita was invented (apparently it was made for singer Peggy Lee)," he writes. "It is also famous as one of the favourite haunts for Frank Sinatra and his mafia gambling chums during the Fifties. Duke Ellington's piano is still in the ballroom. In the end, the politicians got the better of the mafia and the place now wears a faded charm."

There are two ways to interpret this puzzling account. If we were feeling uncharitable, we could accuse Jagger of phoning in a rehash of some old articles about Galveston.

But since it is Friday, we will credit Jagger with engaging in the kind of droll British understatement by which "a faded charm" could mean "utterly annihilated by Hurricane Ike."

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