Mid-Week Match-Up: The Mayor's Race, Such As It Is

Most of Houston seems blissfully unaware that there's a mayor's race going on. This year is supposed to be one of the the years with a hot election -- the incumbent is term-limited, so it's an open seat likely to lead to six years in office -- but, for reasons we lay out in this week's cover story, the thing is instead a run for the top job in Dullsville.

Still, it's your civic duty to vote, or America will slide into the abyss and all that. The three candidates with any chance of winning are current city councilman Peter Brown, former city attorney Gene Locke and current city controller Annise Parker.

You're going to need some help telling them apart. Luckily, it's Wednesday, when we turn complex questions into easy decisions by judicious use of charts. Check the jump for our analysis of this year's mayoral "race."

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