Midget Mania

I thought the word "midget" was a bad word. "Little person" was the politically correct terminology. That is, until I went to the Rok'Um Sok'Um Tour Midget Wrestling at the Meridian Saturday night and the doorperson put a purple wristband on me. "What's that for?" I asked. "To go into the VIP room," she replied. "What's back there?" I persisted. "The midgets," she replied nonchalantly.

The Half Pint Brawlers, as they call themselves, are on tour and they're promoting their new DVD, Half Pint Brawlers Vol. 1. "Who wants to see a midget bleed?" croaks "Puppet" on their website intro. "We are an Extreme Hardcore Midget Wrestling Company...a new source of sick entertainment [the] Half Pint Brawlers are a group who has been touring the country while kicking each others asses since 1999."

This is the second year the Brawlers' Houston appearance has been sponsored by ABS Construction. Buck Sutton, the 6-foot-4, 370-pound president and owner, says he's always had a fascination with midgets.

Don't we all?

But we don't all have a girlfriend like Kaye Rodgers who brought the little ones to the Meridian for Buck's 46th birthday. So, during an on-air promo for the matches, Buck popped the question and Kaye promptly fainted.

Later that night, during the staple-gun match, Buck was handed the weapon and the crowd urged him to tag Puppet. "I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't for them insisting," he said later. "Kaye, my fiance, wasn't too excited about it and said I shouldn't have knuckled under to the peer pressure but when a midget tells you to staple him, you'd better do it."

When asked how he responded to those who felt this was just gross exploitation, Buck responded "that these guys are making a damn good living...and they love their job." He went on to paraphrase Puppet: Who else gets to get drunk, beat up their employees and then party with them afterward?

"I know it's not for everybody and if it offended anybody, I'm sorry but that's these guys and they're billing themselves like that and it was probably the funnest birthday I've ever had in my life...They were a blast. They were so fun, just like my judo buddies but I could get more of them in my truck." [email protected]

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Daniel Kramer