Midtown Spec's Has A Minor Electrical Fire, Houston Comes To A Standstill

Driving into work this morning, Hair Balls was passed by at least a dozen fire trucks and Houston Fire Department SUVs as they sped through Midtown. Naturally interested in rubbernecking if at all possible, we checked Twitter to see what the commotion was about and instantly saw an update from Coffee Groundz: "Breaking news Spec's Midtown is on fire."

Within minutes, our entire Twitter stream of roughly 3,500 followers was consumed with the news of their beloved off-license possibly perishing in flames. People cyber-wrung their hands with fear and sent off fervent pleas to save the cheese and wine (the employees of Spec's were on their own, apparently):

@gilv: "Yup, it's Spec's on fire. Key map 493-P. God save Spec's!"

@tallglassofH20: "Spec's downtown is on fire! Someone save the Lone Star beer!"

@fcarters: "Divine intervention needed!"

@KatherineD: "Spec's is on fire? Holy shit! Save the good stuff!"

@thraeryn: "Seriously, Spec's Midtown CAN'T stay on fire! The 151 will burn & the chocolate will melt! Where will I get my tequila? PUT IT OUT!"

Eager to catch a glimpse of the store before it burned to the ground in a hideous heap of twisted metal and three-story tall flames -- after all, with 11 fire trucks, that's clearly what was happening -- we drove over to Smith and McGowen. And were more than slightly disappointed with what we saw.

The store looked the same as it always does. Employees were lined up outside, looking rather bored. Houston Police Department were directing traffic and the remaining fire trucks were sitting quietly -- albeit with lights still flashing -- outside the store's main entrance.

It turns out that there was a minor electrical fire in the kitchen. Not quite the apocalyptic situation that we were hoping for (yes, we're terrible). On the other hand, we're happy to hear that the wine and cheese remained safe throughout the emergency. And although the situation below isn't true, wouldn't it have been much more interesting if it was?

@sozavac: "Glad everyone is safe at Spec's and that it was a minor fire. Thought someone was pissed about missing out on buying @SaintArnold DR8."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.