Midweek Match-Up: My Black Pastors Are Better Than Yours, Punk

Houston's boring excuse for a mayoral election is now officially ON FIRE!!! It's EN FUEGO!!!!

Why? Because there's some dull sparring between Peter Brown and Gene Locke over who has the best-est bunch of black pastors endorsing them. Locke is claiming that Brown, a multi-millionaire who is largely self-financing his campaign (or at least his wife is), spread some cash around black Houston churches and is therefore winning endorsements he doesn't deserve because he is not black like Locke. ("Black Like Locke" -- There's a campaign motto in there somewhere.)

Doing what Brown is alleged to have done is, of course, preposterous, something that would never happen in any Houston election....that took place in Bizarro World. In terms of campagin issues, much less scandal, this is right up there with a candidate forgetting to pay a $800 tax bill on some property they rent out.

Still, Houston voters, such as they are this year, deserve to get to the bottom of the burning issue of who has the better bunch of black pastors. Since this is Wednesday, we turn to our Midweek Match-Up, where all such questions are studied in chart form.

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