Midweek Match-Up: U2 Vs. Wrestlemania In The Battle Of The Spectacles

As you well know if you've been reading our sister blog Rocks Off (and Lord knows you should be), U2 is in town tonight.

The new tour requires something like 90 huge trucks to cart around the massive stage they use so as not to detract from the quiet beauty of their ballads. Or to keep the people in the cheap seats entertained, we're not sure.

At any rate, it's the biggest show at Reliant Stadium since Wrestlemania 25 came to town, unless you count the Texans' implosion against Jacksonville.

Wrestlemania knows how to put on a gargantuan, raucous show just as well as U2. But how do they compare? Thank God it's Wednesday, which means it's time for the Midweek Match-Up, where life's mysteries are reduced to convenient chart form.

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