Might As Well Face It, We're Addicted To E-Mail

Houston is officially e-mail crazy.

That's according to AOL, which we were somewhat surprised to learn still exists.

But it does, and it has issued its fourth annual survey of e-mail habits in America.

The results -- only New York is more obsessed with e-mail than Houston. We beat Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco and every other city that was involved.

We're sure this is all incredibly scientific, so here are some of the details of Houston's habits, according to the survey:

Nearly three-quarters of Houstonians have checked their e-mail while in the bathroom; only 55 percent, thank Christ, while driving.

We had the highest percentage of people -- 55 percent -- who claimed they left their Blackberry on, sitting on their night table overnight, "so they can hear the chime of a new email arriving in their inbox."

Disappointingly, no questions were asked as to where Houstonians most liked to access Internet porn -- while driving? (We hope not.) In a bathroom? (More likely.)

Also, it apparently didn't ask the question -- out of embarrassment, we assume -- "How many of you are actually still using AOL?"

-- Richard Connelly

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