Miguel Tejada Connected to A-Rod's Trainer

Are the Astros about to get caught up in the Alex Rodriguez mess? Not that anybody's making a big deal about it, yet, but the New York Daily News has a big story out about a trainer Alex Rodriguez has been involved with.

The trainer, from the Dominican Republic, is named Angel Presinal, and he's been banned from the private areas of MLB ballparks -- including locker rooms -- since the end of the 2001 season. In October of 2001, Canadian Border Service officials seized an unmarked bag containing several forms of steroids. Toronto police and the Cleveland Indians -- which had just arrived in town for a series with the Toronto Blue Jays -- were informed of the bag, and the bag was then delivered to the hotel where the Indians were staying in order to see who would claim the bag. And the lucky person to claim the bag was Presinal, who claimed that it belonged to then-Indians outfielder Juan Gonzalez.

Presinal, who supposedly traveled with A-Rod throughout the 2007 season, operates a gym in Santa Domingo and has worked as a trainer for the Dominican Republic's World Baseball Classic team. In addition, he has also worked as a trainer for Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz and Houston's own Miguel Tejada.

And there are rumors that a suspension could be in the offing for A-Rod's relationship with Presinal, which makes it possible that Tejada and the others could also be facing a suspension for their relationship with him.

SI.com is reporting, however, that A-Rod will probably escape any suspension, but that MLB is considering a suspension of Tejada over his conviction for lying to Congress. And you've got to wonder if the judge in charge of sentencing Tejada might be interested as well, seeing as how it looks as if he's still not being entirely truthful over his knowledge of, and involvement with, steroids in baseball.

So, Drayton, do you still think this trade was a good idea?

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