Miguel Tejada: Hey, Maybe I Should Finally Give You My Real Age

Okay, just when I think I've heard it all, I hear something new.

Miguel Tejada told the Astros today that he's been lying about his age, and that he's actually 33, not 31. And he's telling the Astros this himself because he didn't want them to find it out from someone else.

Like someone else who? The Feds? Because they're investigating him for perjury?

Look, it's pretty common for players from the Dominican Republic to lie about their age and to say they're younger than they actually are. I don't think anybody out there really knows the true age of Julio Franco for example. And normally, this wouldn't be that big of deal. But Tejada's under investigation for lying to the Feds, and he's caught up in the baseball steroids controversy, so let's just say that this hit to credibility is probably just a little something he couldn't afford.

But since Miguel's in a truthful mood, perhaps he should be telling the Astros what was really in those B12 shots before the Feds decide to tell the Astros. -- John Royal

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