Mike DiMuro: MLB Umpiring Is Barely One Level Up from WWE Refereeing (w/ VIDEO)

"Most _______ are actually pretty good at their job; it's a few bad ones that give all of the ________ a bad name."

There are a number of different vocations that you can "Mad Lib" into that sentence above. Car salespeople, cable installation technicians, sports bloggers and, yes, Major League Baseball umpires (or officials of almost any sport, for that matter. I say "almost" because NBA refs ALL suck. This is known.).

Most umpires do a pretty good job. I know this because I watch a ton of baseball and probably couldn't name more than three or four umpires. If you don't know an umpire's name, it means they're doing their job. (Conversely, I can name practically EVERY NBA referee, reinforcing my above point.)

One umpire, though, whose name I now know and will forever know is Mike DiMuro. Why is that? Well, let's find out.

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