Miles Michael Lacy: West U-Bred Former UH Linebacker Popped for Impersonating a Cop in BMW

A West University Place man was arrested after pretending to be a cop on the Katy Freeway. Unfortunately for 22-year-old Miles Michael Lacy, one of the people he attempted to pull over was a real off-duty cop.

According to a criminal complaint filed on February 24, the incident took place on January 27. The real cop was heading out the Katy Freeway in the 5800 block when he noticed that the driver of a nearby silver BMW was flashing blue and red emergency lights and flicking his oscillating high-beams at other cars.

The cop said in the complaint that Lacy successfully pulled over three vehicles before attempting to pull his car over, but does not state what Lacy was doing to the people he'd allegedly fooled. (It might be that he wanted them to get out of his way.)

The complaint does say that the cop was not fooled by Lacy's alleged shenanigans, because, and we quote, the cop "KNEW UNDERCOVER POLICE OFFICERS DO NOT PULL OVER CITIZENS IN UNMARKED VEHICLES, THEY CALL FOR A MARKED UNIT."

Also, they tend not to use silver BMWs and sport Lacy's flowing, Fabio-like mane. The cop followed Lacy, got a good look at his face, took down his license number and called dispatch. Not long afterward, Lacy got away, but he was arrested late last week. After Lacy confirmed that the car was his and that he had been driving it on the day in question, he lawyered up and stopped answering questions.

According to Yahoo Sports, Lacy, a psychology major, was listed on the University of Houston's roster as a junior linebacker going into last season, but his name is not on the current official roster from the UH athletic department, and his former jersey number (53) has been assigned to another player. Maybe that guy is just impersonating him, who knows...

The undersized-for-a-linebacker Lamar High School grad appears to have logged little if any game time in his college career.

Impersonating a police officer is a third-degree felony punishable by up to two to ten years in prison.

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