Miley Cyrus's Successor At Houston's Most Senselessly Lavish Party? Maybe Elton John

Texas Lawyer magazine is reporting that Mark Lanier, the lawyer who puts on an amazingly expensive Christmas party each year, will follow up Miley Cyrus with Elton John next year.

The magazine's blog also notes that Lanier says his "Have A Miley Christmas" bash raised $250,000 for a charity that helps kids in Guatemala.

Which is nice, but there are reports out there (and it's on the Internet, so you know it's true) that Cyrus received a million bucks for her party gig.

So cut out the middle man and just give a million to Guatemala, right? Everybody's happy?

Lanier wouldn't talk about how much Cyrus got paid, although he said it was "a reduced fee."

We're betting it wasn't reduced down to $250,000, though.

The magazine earlier reported that the bash drew a standing-room-only crowd to the tent where Cyrus performed.

"Outside the huge tent, partygoers could choose from plenty of other entertainment - a train, carnival rides and games, laser tag, rock climbing and karaoke. Bar-b-que, Tex-Mex, cotton candy and hot cider were on the menu," the magazine said.

It takes a million to raise a quarter-million, we guess.

-- Richard Connelly

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