Minute Maid Park's Veggie Menu Gets PETA Love -- With A Side Order Of Carlos Lee Smack

The Astros have been dismally unexciting this year -- except when they're playing the equally inept Washington Nationals, it seems -- but they've got PETA on their side.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, a group whose Venn diagram intersection with Astro fans is probably not huge, gave a big thumbs-up to Minute Maid Park for its veggie menu options.

MMP came in third place in PETA's ranking of major league ballparks, behind Philly and San Francisco.

How bad are the Astros doing? Even while giving them kudos, PETA couldn't avoid dissing Carlos Lee.

"Carlos Lee might be coming up empty at the plate, but Astros fans are loading up their plates with the variety of delicious meat-free options that are available at Minute Maid Park," says PETA Director Dan Shannon.

Abusing "El Caballo"? Someone call an animal-rights organization!!

PETA lauded such MMP menu choices as "veggie burritos, quinoa tabbouleh, and sun-dried tomato rigatoni, all new for the 2010 season. Minute Maid Park also serves up hearty veggie dogs, Thai noodle salad, hummus and vegetable wraps, vegetarian sushi, fruit smoothies, rice and beans, and organic baby-vegetable ratatouille."

Not mentioned: Sheriff Blaylock, he of the chili and hot dogs.

The Texas Rangers' ballpark, which we think is called Some Name Stadium, didn't make the top 10 or the five hornorable mentions.

Then again, Nolan Ryan is the guy running the operation up there, and we know how he likes his beef.

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