Miss Pop Rocks: Cats Are Awesome

Okay, so I recognize that some of you out there may not be “cat people” per se, but how can you not love

this story

? A family in Tennessee rescued a feral cat who survived 19 days…

with a peanut butter jar stuck on his head


I mean, honestly. I can’t even stick to my no-treats-between-meals pledge for 9 minutes, much less 19 days. But not this cat. For 19 days he roamed Bartlett, TN with an empty peanut butter jar stuck on his poor little kitty cat head. That’s nearly three weeks with a peanut butter jar STUCK ON HIS HEAD, PEOPLE.

Apparently, the little stray had been fed by a local family and had once been the proud owner of a rather chubby physique…until he managed to squeeze his head inside the aforementioned empty jar of peanut butter. For a while, they tried to catch him, but he was too scared to allow himself to be rescued. But finally, with little kitty weak and skinny, some fishing net and oil did the trick.

So the next time you can’t find the motivation to get up off the couch and work out or clean your house or do your homework or whatever the hell it is that you need to be doing, think of this cat, and find the endurance to go on.

Nineteen days! Peanut butter jar! On head!

Seriously. – Jennifer Mathieu

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