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Pardon Miss Pop Rocks for getting all meta on you for a moment, but do you think it’s possible to write about a pop culture blog within a pop culture blog? Because I’m going to try. I’m talking, of course, about

Project Rungay

: "Project Runway" from a VERY Gay Perspective. It’s perhaps the most brilliant pop culture blog in the world, and that includes my sorry ass.

For the uninitiated, the insanely funny and detailed blog is completely focused on Bravo’s “Project Runway” television show. And for the incredibly uninitiated, “Project Runway” is perhaps the only figment of reality television that may actually leave you smarter for having watched it. (Did you know what draping and organza were before this season? I didn’t think so.) The show pits 15 designers against one another in design challenges, and the winner gets a whole bunch of money to start his or her own clothing line, plus a car. Unlike other reality shows where the challenges involve, say, giving Bret Michaels a BJ, “Project Runway” contestants actually bring the skills, creating outfit after outfit from all kinds of materials, including plants and candy.

That’s all great (unless your fave designer gets voted off…does anyone else think Kit Pistol was totally robbed Wednesday night?!), but nothing could be greater than “Project Runway” mixed in with the bitchy comments of two self-proclaimed “little soldiers of fabulosity.”

Project Rungay’s writers are Tom and Lorenzo, two gay guys who promise that while the contestants sew, they rip. Rip what, you ask? How about precious little witticisms such as declaring an ugly dress “a truly horrendous melted ice cream cake” and “rich bitch resortwear” or declaring that a model looks like she’s “farting feathers.” But perhaps my latest favorite moment came when the twosome begged for someone to help out (male) contestant Ricky Lizalde, who has the very bad habit of crying his eyes out on every single episode. (And I quote: “Will somebody please give that girl a Midol? She’s falling apart!”)

In addition to referring to their readers as “kittens,” they offer such charming glimpses into their lives, like how they disagree over outfits and the designers they love while snuggled on the couch together. Their obvious drooling over the hotty gay male designers on the show also adds to the charm. Love it!

So I suppose this blog within a blog is not only to promote “Project Runway” (perhaps Miss Pop Rocks main salvation during the writers’ strike). It’s also a little pop culture tribute to one of the best pop culture blogs around. Sigh. It’s enough to make this straight girl wish she’d been born a queeny little gay guy, ya know? – Jennifer Mathieu

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