Miss Pop Rocks: Kellie Pickler is Dumb But So Haaaawt, Y’all

Oh my gawd, y’all. Miss Pop Rocks feels so conflicted about watching this recently circulated clip of “American Idol” contestant Kellie Pickler totally dumbing out on an episode of “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?”

In the clip, Kellie is asked what European country has a capital called Budapest. (The answer, in case you’re curious, is Hungary.) In the clip, Kellie’s full-on Gomer Pyle-ing it, using her Hee Haw accent to ask such questions as “I thought Europe was a country?” and “Is France a country?” She later goes on to say she is sure “they speak French” in Budapest.

Meanwhile, her fifth-grade counterpart, Nathan, dressed in his little, yellow button-down, spends the clip shaking his head ruefully. (He gets the answer correct, by the way).

The part that gets me so conflicted is that as embarrassing as it is to have this clip out there representing the American mainstream’s knowledge of geography, I can’t help but get all warm and gooey inside as I listen to Kellie’s sweet Southern drawl and watch her dewy cheeks open and shut as she banters with host and fellow Southerner Jeff Foxworthy. The girl is a delicious little North Carolina sweetie, and I could listen to her talk and sing all day. Yeehaw, y’all.

In the end, she got the question wrong but was at least smart enough to “copy” Nathan’s answer, winning money for her charity. Aww…so great.

And come on…who out there really knew where Budapest was? Miss Pop Rocks thought it was Turkey. So there. – Jennifer Mathieu

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Jennifer Mathieu
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