Miss Pop Rocks: Memo to Larry King: Retire

So I’m probably going to get totally hated on for this one. But does anyone else out there think the retirement alarm is going beep beep beep for Larry King? And I’m not just saying it because of his many gaffes, like the recent interview with Ringo Starr in which he referred to Ringo as George Harrison. (FYI Larry: George is one of the dead ones.) Or the fact that he brags about never doing much research prior to his interviews. (I doubt he’s the only journalist who could make this claim.)

It’s more that, well, he asks the most idiotic questions I’ve ever heard. Oh, sure, he can book the top guests like Paris Hilton and any presidential candidate who’s running, but am I the only one out there who cringes when he makes completely inane inquiries?

For example, take the recent Owen Wilson brouhaha. After word came out that the Texas-bred actor allegedly tried to take his own life, King had on the requisite television shrinks to weigh in on Wilson’s state of mind. At one point in the interview, King asked one of the shrinks if suicide was a “gutsy” move.

The exact question was, “Is it gutsy?” (See for yourself here.)

The talking head was so taken aback he repeated King’s question in an incredulous tone before pausing and answering.

“Is it gutsy? You know, I think some people believe it's gutsy when they're doing it. But obviously it's not. It's – you want to check out,” the shrink replied, perhaps wondering if King even knew that the end result of suicide is this icky little thing called death.

“Oh my GOD, Larry just asked if suicide was a gutsy move,” I yelled out to Mr. Pop Rocks in the kitchen. “Old man needs to check his head.”

Other Larry moments you gotta love…the time he asked one of the Minnesota bridge collapse survivors, “Did it make a lot of noise?” (Yeah, I’m sure tons of steel and concrete falling sounds just like a cat farting.)

Or the time he asked recently released Jack Kevorkian, “Was prison tough?” (Somehow I get the feeling it was. After all, it was…prison.)

Or the time he was interviewing Hugh Hefner and his three young girlfriends and asked the 81-year-old, “Are you enjoying yourself?” (I’m sure he’s miserable, actually.)

I could go on, but I’m becoming more and more embarrassed that I’ve even watched enough Larry King to know about these questions. So whatever. All I can say is Larry, maybe it’s time to move to West Palm and put your feet up. I think you deserve it…and so do we. -- Jennifer Mathieu

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.