Miss Pop Rocks: More Pop Culture Items To Be Thankful For This Year

As promised, Miss Pop Rocks is back with more

2007 Pop Culture Moments To Be Thankful For

. So wipe that leftover turkey off your chin and settle in for another round.

Dr. Jan Adams Walks Off Larry King: This one is fresh off the Pop Culture pipeline. Miss Pop Rocks can’t quite understand why someone would show up to talk to The Ancient One, only to rip out the earpiece a few seconds later and walk off the set. What’s crazy is how Larry is being held up as some kind of genius because he handled the incident so well. To be honest, I don’t know if Larry even realized what happened.

Rosie v. Donald & Rosie v. Elisabeth: It started with Rosie versus Donald and ended with Rosie versus Elisabeth, and every moment of it was packed with Rosieliciousness. You may disagree, but ladies and gentlemen, when I saw the glorious lesbian comic deliver a verbal beat down to Mr. Combover and Little Miss Ninny Ninny I Love George W. Look At Me I’m Pregnant, my heart swelled just a little. God love Whoopi, but she just ain’t no Rosie. Sigh. I miss her.

Lost Season Three Finale: Best. Ending. Ever. I don’t know how in the Hell the Lost folks are going to be able to keep the pace from what is probably the best season finale since Who Shot J.R.? But I can’t wait to find out. When Kate pulled up to that airport that was shrouded in darkness, and Jack begged to go back to the island, and we realized we were seeing the show’s first flash forward…well, Miss Pop Rocks almost dropped spilled her beer in her lap. I cannot wait until February! And who’s in the coffin!?!?

When That Preteen Girl Cried for Sanjaya: I suppose Sanjaya, American Idol’s resident freak show of 2007, deserves his own little blurb. But frankly, I think Sanjaya will be remembered more for his ability to make Ashley Ferl sob like she’d just found out someone had offed Hannah Montana. Our job is not to question why, but to merely accept.

Getting to Watch Celebrities Backpedal and Squirm after Using a Slur: I’ve admitted before that I’m a Duane “Dog” Chapman fan. So I had to set aside my disappointment in him and tune in as I watched the world’s most famous bounty hunter apologize for dropping the N bomb in a taped phone conversation with his estranged son. The best part was catching Chapman on Hannity & Colmes as he realized he was “not black” and therefore doesn’t have the right to use the word. Dog, here’s a heads-up before you open your mouth again: You’re not Hispanic or Asian either. Just FYI. Now the Dog isn’t the only one who pulled a Mel Gibson this year. Did anyone catch Jerry Lewis using the phrase “an illiterate fag” on the MDA Telethon? The bit proved what Miss Pop Rocks has known all along. Not only is Jerry Lewis homophobic, he is not funny.

The Spice Girls Reunite: So the girls are back…and one of them got Eddie Murphy to admit he’s the baby daddy! I love reunions when ALL of the original members get together for one more run to the bank. Sure, they’ve spawned infants and look a little rougher around the edges (then again, so does Miss Pop Rocks), but it’s kind of nice to have these ladies back for a little more Girl Power. Get our your spandex and platforms…and zig a zig aaaaah. – Jennifer Mathieu

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