Miss Pop Rocks: Oh My God Oh My God Oh My God J. Lo IS Pregnant!

Did you know J. Lo is pregnant? Because she totally is! Because in case you were wondering, will J. Lo ever get pregnant? You can totally stop wondering. Because she is!

I know what you’re thinking. `Cuz it’s what I’m thinking. I’m thinking:

Thank you, Jesus, for making J. Lo pregnant!

It’s just what we need around Thanksgiving time…to be thankful that J. Lo is pregnant!

Oh My God J. Lo is Pregnant! Did we or did we not, as a nation, need this blessed news! I know we did because it’s been on all the TV channels and CNN and everything. Oh My God!

For the past several years, ever since the Bennifer incident, I know that you – like me, Miss Pop Rocks – have been praying and hoping that J. Lo would get pregnant! We’ve been on bumpwatch for years…

And now she’s pregnant!

Oh my GOD!

I mean, I know that there are so many things we need to be thinking about, like war and presidential politics, and the fact that we are spinning into a never ending spiral of recession and rising gas prices and a collapsing housing market, but WHO CARES BECAUSE J. LO IS PREGNANT!

What maternity clothes do you think she’ll wear? Oh my God, do you think she might come out with her OWN line of maternity clothes? I don’t think I could handle that. ACK! Oh my God!

Has anyone been watching the E! network? Because they have shots of a pregnant J. Lo on, like, every five minutes (thank GOD!). And now I’m hearing that IT COULD BE TWINS!

Oh My God J. Lo is pregnant!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if the baby will look like her or that guy that got her pregnant (Marc something, right?). I hope it looks like her because he’s kind of creepy looking with that greasy hair and kind of big nose. He is awfully lucky that J. Lo decided to have his baby and everything. Awfully lucky.

Oh. My. God.

J. LO IS PREGNANT! -- Jennifer Mathieu

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.