Miss Pop Rocks: Sarah Silverman Makes Abortion Hilarious!

I’ll be straight up honest and say Sarah Silverman kinda works my nerves sometimes. I find her jokes hilarious, but the delivery is a little wearing. The whole naïve act, that deer lost in the headlights look, the “Oh my goodness, I’m such a dirty little girl who says such

dirty wirty

things” approach gets a little old after a while. Come on, haven’t women come far enough to be able to deliver raunchy humor with a straight face? (Lisa Lampanelli comes to mind.)

Regardless, Miss Pop Rocks has to admit “The Sarah Silverman Program” on Comedy Central is worth catching, and she’s got a sneak preview of the next season, which debuts October 2. Yes, Miss Pop Rocks is so important as to get advance screenings! (Actually, the Press just got a DVD in the mail and sent it to me when no one else claimed it.)

Both equally disturbing and funny (of course), the series debut is entitled “Bored of the Rings,” and follows our title character as she unwittingly joins a group of pro-life activists (Operation Baby Justice) who tell Sarah they are against “the killing of babies.” (Sarah doesn’t make the connection that they are referring to abortion.) I did the classic half-groan, half-laugh as Ms. Silverman painted a sign for a clinic protest that read, ‘Babies Should Say Goo, Not Become It.’ Once our clueless girl understands exactly what her new friends are against, she shocks her fellow activists by cheerfully owning up to three abortions of her own.

In what is easily the best scene in the episode, we see flashbacks of a lighthearted Sarah going in for her three procedures, set to the overused Green Day song, “Good Riddance (Time of Your Life).” After fondly recalling the events, she drops out of Operation Baby Justice, which goes on to plan a clinic bombing. I won’t ruin the end for you except to say it involves Dungeons and Dragons and a vacuum aspirator. Honestly.

Episode two of the second season isn’t as over the top. That is, if you don’t consider Sarah licking her dog’s anus over the top. But somehow, after humming along to Green Day while watching Sarah joke around with the receptionist at the abortion clinic, licking a dog’s butthole kinda seemed like a safe move to me. – Jennifer Mathieu

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.