Miss Pop Rocks Special Monday Edition: Mad Men is Back!

OMG, where where where can I find a stewardess outfit like the one on Mad Men's premiere episode last night? And the hat? So cute.

Sigh...my favorite show is back with a vengeance, thank the fates. Retro overload is at work as the Machiavellian machinations of Sterling Cooper's ad agency circa 1960something sweep me off my 21st-century feet.  

Don't tell me you're still not watching this show!

For those who haven't yet seen the first episode of season three and don't want spoilers, do not read on. But for those who did...let's dish!

First of all, will Don ever keep it in his pants? Were we supposed to trust that little tearing up at the end as he and the preggers Betty told little Sally all about the night she was born? Perhaps. But I have a hard time believing Don didn't bang the nurses in the maternity ward on that very special night many years ago.

But didn't you love his face when he caught Salvatore in flagrante delicto with the bellhop in Baltimore? Deelish! For Sal's sake, he's lucky he got caught by Don Draper. Only a man who has more secrets than Sal himself could keep Sal's closeted homosexuality in, well, the closet.

As for Don's past, I'm becoming a little tired of getting hit over the head with flashbacks from his trashy childhood. Yes, yes, he was the son of a prostitute. Like he's the first? Come on, Don, get yourself into therapy and move on from this.

Still so much to discuss...Pete and Trudy seem to have reconciled since her Cuban Missile Crisis meltdown in the end of season two. Does she know about Peggy and Pete's love child? Did they ever end up adopting? And why is Pete so in a tizzy about sharing the head of accounts job? (Although personally I hope Ken gets the position in the end because it's just so much fun to see Pete squirm.) By the way, am I the only one who doesn't like these limeys taking over on our shores? I thought we got rid of those assholes back in 1776.  Hmm...

And Joan! Joan, Joan, Joan. She mentioned she's leaving Sterling Cooper. Because she's getting married...to the rapist? Is she knocked up? Who cares, she's gorgeous and I love looking at her. She better not go the way of Duck Phillips (`member him?) because Mad Men would not be Mad Men without that gorgeous broad.

All right, all right, I'm calming down...but I cannot wait for next week! Squeal!

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