Missing Man Formation

We haven't checked with the Mayor's office, so we'll just assume they issued a proclamation formally declaring yesterday and today Official Vince Young Wailing Days.

One last bit of wallowing in the bitter muck of wasted draft picks: After Young went on his 39-yard classic game-winning romp, you might have idly asked yourself where Mario Williams — the man the Texans picked ahead of Young and Reggie Bush — was on that last play.

The answer: On the bench.

Texans head coach Gary Kubiak said in his Monday press conference that the team had been following the standard rotation of using its defensive players, and that meant Williams was not in the game at the crucial time. Kubiak didn't sound all that pleased with it, either:

"[Williams] did, in his rotation, miss a few plays there that were very important. You're right they do keep their rotation. We did talk about that today too because I think there's a time when you are on your rotation and there's a time when you're not. I would agree with you and that's something that we address as coaches that the rotation's over at that point, we've got to make sure that our best 11 are on the field. That's very, very important. You're right in what you saw, but he was on the field during the drive. He was not on the field those last three or four plays of the drive."

Of course, considering how Williams tends to disappear for plays at a time even when he's on the field, we're not sure how much of a difference it would have made. — Rich Connelly

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