Mississippi Has Got Our Back When It Comes To Pregnant Teens

Thank you, Mississippi!!

Ably fulfilling its traditional role of letting other states off the hook, the great state of Mississippi has replaced Texas (and New Mexico) as the worst state when it comes to teen pregnancy.

A new federal report released this morning shows that Mississippi has 68 births for every 1,000 teen-aged females in the state; New Mexico had 64 and Texas 63.

The national average is 42; the lowest rate was in New Hampshire, with just 19.

Obviously, New Hampshire isn't using the abstinence-only curriculum being pushed all over Texas, or they'd have their act together much better.

Experts offered the usual reasons for the rate, saying states with high rates had more Hispanics and poor people, and that teens in New England somehow found being pregnant "more costly...in terms of opportunities lost" than teens here in the benighted South and Southwest.

But who cares about their blathering -- we're no longer 50th!! Abstinence-only works!!

-- Richard Connelly

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