Mister, Mister Upgrayedd, Walkin' Down the Block...

So I finally got around to catching Mike Judge's new flick


this weekend. All I have to say in the way of a review is this: It's better than


, and America needed this movie more. The humor in


, while abundant and at times side-splitting, was either hollow slapstick or based in platitudes and stereotypes — i.e. white Southerners are racists, rodeo rednecks hate Arabs, Pentecostals are crazy. Da, Borat, now tell us something we don't all know.

Idiocracy, on the other hand, managed to chronicle American culture and society's slide toward proud, perfect mouth-breathing pig-ignorance with style, infinite detail, and economy. Not sure what the run-time is, but Idiocracy never drags the way Borat did towards the end. (Although the happy ending gilds the lily a bit.)

Of course, Borat was heralded as a groundbreaking cultural event while Fox Studios sat on Idiocracy for two years before dumping it in theaters for a completely non-promoted two-week run, if that. The Man did not want you to see Idiocracy, and it's easy to see why. It's so dead-on it's actually dangerous.

And what's more, there's a cameo from a certain legendary Houston rapper as a pimp named Upgrayedd. ("The double-d is for a double dose of pimpin'.") Mike Judge has always been a Geto Boys fan... -- John Nova Lomax

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