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Silly Jimmy, tats aren't for kids!

Mommy Inkiest

You've probably seen young, tattooed moms carrying around toddlers in the Montrose. But have you ever wondered what the little tykes think of their mommy in all that ink?

Yeah, us neither, but apparently author/illustrator/tattooed gentleman Phil Padwe has. Padwe's reps informed us today that his new book Mommy Has A Tattoo, will hit the bookshelves this month. Padwe's children's book centers on young James, who's afraid of his tattooed neighbor until (gasp!) he discovers that his own mother has a tattoo as well. The promo material sez that "the book emphasizes the importance of familiarizing children with tattoos at a young age and eliminates the common notion of "scary" that has sometimes been linked to "tattoos."

Hold up: There does seem to be one "scary" moment in the book. On one page, James is surveying his mom, trying to figure out just where on her bod the ink lies:

Was it on her nose? Was it on her ear? Was it on her thumb? Maybe it was on one of her fingers? Or could be it on her knee...or ankle?

Dude, James, do yourself a favor and stop right there, lest you end up in six years of therapy...

Some of the characters in Mommy are very alt. One guy has arm-length tats, some ink on his neck, sideburns and even a soul patch. The alt children's book industry seems to be booming. Cullen Graff, marketing director for Borders Bookstores, agrees. "We actually have books series that deal with families with gay parents and even gay teenagers," he says.

Okay, but tattoos? "I have friends who are very alternative and goth and pierced and tattooed and purple haired, and they've become parents," says Graff. "And most of them change the way they dress and act, but some of them don't. So I think there's always a community that would appreciate this. Hey, I would do a book-signing for it, though this is a more urban topic." Yep, it's hard to picture a book signing for this in Katy.

Padwe will follow Mommy Has A Tattoo with The Tattoo Coloring Book #1, in which kids can color "realistic tattoo designs." Wonder if there'll be any of these in the book...

Anyhoo, we'll be watching for Mommy, and we can only hope for similar tomes, maybe Aunt Sinead Has a Pierced Tongue, or Bobby's Really Into Scarring. — Steven Devadanam

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