Monday Marks the Peak of Hurricane Season -- Weather Museum Gets You Prepared with New App

If you just moved here or you just don't pay attention, you might not realize that the peak of hurricane season begins in just ten days. August 15 marks the beginning of the busiest portion of the Atlantic hurricane season, which lasts through mid September. The Weather Museum -- bet you didn't know there was one of those in Houston -- is getting you prepared with the release of the StormNavigator app, which comes out on Monday.

In a release, the nation's first weather museum reminds us that the majority of tropical systems occur during the peak portion of the season and that 80 percent of all storms during hurricane season develop after August 1.

For those of us who have spent many years along the Gulf Coast, we understand that this is the time to pay the greatest attention to the Atlantic Basin. Fortunately, at the moment, there are no significant threats and none predicted during the next week or so. This is due mostly to the presence of Saharan dust that has invaded the atmosphere over the middle Atlantic. This dust blocks sunlight and inhibits the formation of storms.

Forecasters still believe this will be a busy season, but on Friday, Phil Klotzbach and William Gray, the foremost hurricane forecasters in the business, slightly downgraded their original predictions, dropping the number of hurricanes from nine to eight and the number of major hurricanes from four to three. The waters off the African coastline in the main development region for hurricanes are slightly cooler than normal, and the added dust from the Saharan dust storm will keep storms from forming for at least the next couple weeks leading right up to the beginning of the busy season.

Still, even with downgraded predictions, it only takes one to make a mess of things. Hopefully, the new app from the Weather Museum will provide some support for those of us who have to pay close attention.

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