Monkey Slap Everyone Is Talking About (And We Don't Know Why)

It's the monkey slap heard around the world.

A local bit of breakfast-show ephemera went viral and it practically passed right under our noses. Deborah Duncan, Great Day Houston host, was assaulted by a monkey. And it wasn't like you'd think; it was more of a primate love tap. But still, it's been entertaining the world for nearly a week.

When we saw the monkey slap video that all the interwebs seem to be talking about (seriously, we like to cannibalize in this media business, and literally every outlet has shared this piece of "news"), we thought of two things: violence against infotainment show hosts and the black market in diaper-trained little monkeys. We don't support either one.

We can't quite figure out why this clip is still going so strong. It might have to do with our public distrust of monkeys in diapers, or the fact that we love to see people on live television get their comeuppance when they toy with animals on a leash.

Duncan was pretty lucky, we suppose, because it could have been worse. We've heard terrible stories about what monkeys like to throw when their diapers get too full. Plus, that monkey, who starred in Dr. Dolittle, according to the news station, that monkey would've been hanging around with Eddie Murphy in the late 1990s, during some pretty interesting times for the star.

From what we can tell, Duncan wasn't harmed in the non-scuffle, and it was great PR for KHOU.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.