Monster Truck Mishap

I witnessed many stupid events in my years working with the Astrodome video crew. The stupidest event of all – even more than any event associated with the Rodeo – was the Monster Truck event. I could never figure that damn thing out.

With motorcycle races, the object was evident: first to the finish wins. But Monster Trucks? Driving over junk cars? Spinning around in the dirt? What’s the point?

I’ve got to admit I’m shocked to have never seen more stories like this one. Monster Truck performing stunts crashes into crowd and injures nine people.

I don’t understand the fascination with Monster Trucks, and I don’t understand why would people would stand in a circle and watch it spin around in circles and squash small cars. Then again, I’ve also failed all of Jeff Foxworthy’s “you might be a redneck” tests, so maybe that’s why I can’t understand the thing.

That said, I don’t recall reading any stories about a linebacker zooming out of control, flying into the stands, and injuring nine people – Pacman Jones fleeing a strip club doesn’t count. -- John Royal

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