The mural is gone but the building may remain.
The mural is gone but the building may remain.

Montrose Icon Mary's to Remain, in Some Form

It's been quite awhile since iconic gay bar Mary's has closed its Westheimer Road doors, and a lot of people have given up hope that the building will be saved.

OutSmart is reporting, though, that things might be looking up: The building has an owner who is pledging that "there's no way we'll demolish that building."

That owner is Bobby Heugel of Anvil fame. He and his partners are opening new places in the nearby former Chances site, and have purchased the Mary's property for parking.

They will have to tear down the house at the back because it's too far gone to stay, but they tell OutSmart they are looking for ideas on how best to use the Mary's building.

"We are going to use the backside as extra parking for [new businesses] Hay Merchant and Underbelly, but we are going to save Mary's," Heugel said. "We want to pay tribute to the property, and we are reaching out to the community for ideas. It's a win-win situation for the community and the neighborhood."

And yes, he says they've done their due diligence about whether there are any bodies buried in the back. The bar was home to many ceremonies celebrating the lives of those who died of AIDS or other causes, and many ashes were scattered in the back. But no bodies.

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