Montrose's SWAT Excitement Comes To An End, Thanks To The Dogs

The canine units got some love last night after all.

At around 8:30 pm Hair Balls spoke with an officer who was somewhat sullenly patrolling his German Shepherd around the sidewalk as he controlled traffic a couple of blocks from the action.

A woman was holed up in a Montrose house after shooting a retired cop.

The dogs, he said, should be the ones to settle the standoff. He mentioned that he had some SWAT gear in the back of his truck, and, as he waited expectantly near his radio, Hair Balls could tell that he was itching for some action.

After hours of unsuccessful attempts at luring the woman out of her house, it seems, the powers that be finally came around and called in the dogs. They dragged her out early this morning.

 Luckily, no dogs appear to have been injured in the ordeal, though the same can't be said for the woman, who suffered some cuts.

Canine unit officers tend to get pretty close to their dogs. "I'll probably retire when he does," the officer told Hair Balls last night, patting his partner's head.

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