More BARC News: The Hammer Comes Down On Two Vets

The Texas Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners has fined BARC Chief Veterinarian Eunice Ohashiegbula and former BARC vet David Rundell for violating U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and Texas Veterinary Licensing Act requirements.

In Texas, veterinarians who dispense controlled substances must be registered with the Texas Department of Public Safety. The Board found that Ohashiegbula allowed Rundell to dispense controlled substances without DPS registration, thereby "engag[ing] in practices or conduct that violates the Board's Rules of Professional Conduct."

Under agreed orders signed June 11, Ohashiegbula agreed to pay $500, and Rundell agreed to pay $2,500, without admitting any wrongdoing. This was not Ohashiegbula's first time before a state veterinary board; her license was suspended in 2004 by the New Jersey's State Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners Jersey for "gross incompetence" in accidentally administering lethal overdoses to dogs in her private practice. Ohashiegbula told the New Jersey board that she was under the influence of pain medication in at least one instance. She had also been disciplined by that board in 2001, for poor record keeping.

In Rundell's case, the Texas board found that "his controlled substances registration expired on March 1, 2001, and he did not renew same until December 22, 2008....Respondent indicated that he was erroneously informed by his employer that he was exempt from the controlled registrations requirement."

Rundell resigned earlier this year after a civil hearing on his conduct at BARC.

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